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Backup Camera Static/Flickers

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My backup camera on my 2007 MDX has me stumped. When placed in reverse, the display flickers black and white static images. I can make out that the camera is powered on and trying to display an image, but it essentially unusable. It was cheap enough to pick up a used camera, so I tried swapping it out to no avail. I did a quick cursory check of the wires from the lift gate and didn't see any obvious signs of damage. Any advice on next steps?
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Yeah I think the 1st Gens had a lot of wiring issues. I've seen plenty of YouTube videos on the 1st Gen wiring issues where it breaks in the coupler. Unless I the used camera I got was bad as well (I suppose it could be) I have something else going on.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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