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Backup Alarm

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Maybe this has already been in a former thread, but I don't remember seeing it.

I ordered a wireless backup alarm yesterday,(mod.yps-300M)
from for $99. plus shipping. It has 2 sensors that mount under the bumper and as most of the ones that I have
read about, the wires hook up in the back to the backup power, it has a beeper that beeps faster as you get closer,but what is intersting,it has a small readout unit that you can place on the dash,or wherever with no wires. It reads out in meters or feet. Their phone # 877-212-8050.
Big Al
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Hi Big Al,
Thanks for the information. That device looks very interesting. Would you mind share your wiring experience. How easy to do it and how you did it? Some picture will help. Thanks.
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