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awaiting '02 - excited but nervous

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We have been anxiously waiting for our '02 white, touring since September. It is due to come in in a few days, and therefore, I have been seeking all information in these WONDERFUL forums :) ! The info is great, but some of the problems make me nervous. Understand - we purchased our last brand new SUV, and it turned out to be an incredible lemon (understatement!). Of course, it was not an Acura but a Blazer (I know, I know - no comparison!). 40K is a LOT to pay for problems - I need reassurance! If there is support to be found, I know it will be here! This site is great!:D
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Oh yeah, that's why we ordered it!

Thanks for all of the support, everyone! I have been so excited, but I guess the waiting (and more waiting and more waiting) takes its toll! I guess I should just be glad I know what to look for if some of the same problems occur with mine!

To answer the question posted by BDMDX - I am only paying MSRP (it hurt just to type it as I have NEVER paid sticker price for a car). But to ease your mind (if needed), it is an excellent value even at MSRP. When we began our search for a new SUV, I looked at the Highlander (for about 3 minutes) and then went back to the MDX. The HL, although not in the same class, was priced (fully equipped) very closely to the base MDX, but when you get in each vehicle - there is no comparison! We did decide to upgrade to the touring, because we wanted to add the roof rack anyway and felt the other features would be very convenient (especially the memory seats - as hubby and I are over a foot apart in height:eek: ).

Thanks again! I cannot say enough good things about this site!:D :D :D
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