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awaiting '02 - excited but nervous

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We have been anxiously waiting for our '02 white, touring since September. It is due to come in in a few days, and therefore, I have been seeking all information in these WONDERFUL forums :) ! The info is great, but some of the problems make me nervous. Understand - we purchased our last brand new SUV, and it turned out to be an incredible lemon (understatement!). Of course, it was not an Acura but a Blazer (I know, I know - no comparison!). 40K is a LOT to pay for problems - I need reassurance! If there is support to be found, I know it will be here! This site is great!:D
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I'm a happy owner of a three month old MDX. You've made a wise choice. I can understand your anxiousness. I was like a kid waitng for Christmas morning; it could not get here soon enough. I'm sure there are isolated instances of problems, but that is with any vehicle. I owned a Honda Accord for sixteen years, so I'm loooking forward to many years of MDX satisfaction.
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