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awaiting '02 - excited but nervous

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We have been anxiously waiting for our '02 white, touring since September. It is due to come in in a few days, and therefore, I have been seeking all information in these WONDERFUL forums :) ! The info is great, but some of the problems make me nervous. Understand - we purchased our last brand new SUV, and it turned out to be an incredible lemon (understatement!). Of course, it was not an Acura but a Blazer (I know, I know - no comparison!). 40K is a LOT to pay for problems - I need reassurance! If there is support to be found, I know it will be here! This site is great!:D
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Hey 'X MOM, you can relax, the 'X is the real deal. It is recommended by Consumer Reports (unlike the X5 and MClass) and is Car & Driver's reigning "Best Truck" in the category of Luxury SUV, beating out the X5, Land Cruiser, MClass, and RX300 in the process. It also won Car & Driver's comprehensive "Designer-Ute Smackdown", beating out the X5, RX300, Montero, QX4, ML320, and Disco II in the process. It won Motor Trend's SUV of the Year for '01 (not eligible for the '02 competition), and even won the distinction of being one of the top 5 "Griswold" :p Family- Haulers according to Edmunds. I have links to most of these articles in the "library" at the GO CR-V/MDX Club website linked below if you should care to read them. I greatly enjoy my 'X and having driven Acuras since 1989, I can tell you their quality is top notch and will probably never leave you stranded as long as you keep it filled with oil and gas. Since you are apparently switching from a Chevy, I think you will be most pleased.
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