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Over the past year or two first the tape player on radio stopped working and then the CD player stopped working. I had been using the tape player for years with a cassette adapter to connect my iPhone to listen to music on the road. After that failed I just listened to CDs until one day the CD player got jammed and I haven't been able to fix it.

The least expensive solution I found for adding an aux in jack, to plug in my smart phone, was the [Grom MBUSA1 Aux Adapter Kit]( I ordered through Amazon. I did see a few cheaper generic looking units on Amazon but they all had poor reviews for sound quality while the Grom units have a pretty good reputation. Grom also has other more expensive units with additional features such as bluetooth or charging connections.

I installed mine by removing the change (Not an ashtray) drawer and surrounding pieces below the radio and reaching up behind the radio. I followed the instructions here Acura MDX Blitzsafe AUX Audio Input Installation Guide - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006 Model Years - Picture Illustrated Automotive Stereo Radio Upgrade DIY Instructions
The instructions look harder than it is because they are so detailed. I ran the connector wire behind the 12v power port (cigarette lighter) and have the Grom unit sitting in the tray area below the radio.

Cost was about $67 including shipping on Amazon Prime. The only tooks I needed were #1 Phillips screwdrivers (one regular length and one short "stubby" length), a portable light and a hand mirror. The unit works by selecting the CD player. It appears to divert the CD player input to the Grom unit when it senses a live input so it might still work along with the CD player - but I can't confirm that that the CD player is still operational or not since mine was broken (jammed) to begin with.

Sound quality is great!
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