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Audiovox DVD System

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I had promised some pics from my Audiovox install and finally have some. Sorry for the quality. I had to borrow an old camera then I decided for an added challenge I would shoot them at night in the garage.

This is the DVD unit (audiovox). It is mounted under the drivers seat facing the rear. In the picture the seat is pulled forward so you can see. It is almost hidden when my wife is driving and completely hidden when I drive.

Notice the IR pickup stuck over the IR sensor in the lower right front? This is a wire that transmits IR signals from the overhead display to the DVD so you can point the remote "at the screen".
This didn't work well so I had HiFi buys change it to be hardwired into the back of the player (I would have thought they would have come up with that ). Player is now working great!


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The next two shots are of the unit closed. While the pics are poor, you can see that the mounting ring matched the saddle interior perfectly. You get two "extra" dome lights because they are built into the unit. HiFi buys wired these into the existing dome circuit so you get the dimming effects along with the
rest of the interior lights.


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Overhead unit II


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This is a screen shot. Sorry it is sooooooo poor. The screen is actually very good quality with very wide side viewing angles. Even though the unit has to mount more to the rear than most because of the sunroof, the screen is clearly viewable from all three positions in the 2nd row seats.


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These next two are the second input jacks and the power inverter. The second input jacks are an extension of the overhead unit (it will handle 3 input sources). The wiring runs under the headliner, down the doorpost, under the carpet and up into the center console. I can connect any video source and switch between the two via AV1 & AV2 push buttons on the overhead unit. They also built in a single plug power inverter so we can connect the home VCR, Xbox, Blender , etc.


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Overall I am very pleased with the system. I am NOT impressed with HiFi buys installation. After specifically showing how "deep" we wanted the DVD player mounted, when we picked it up it extended two inches too far into the back floor board. We took it back and had them pull it in move it deeper. The remote worked only part time. Took it back and a second install tech said that the audiovox DVD players required that "jury rigged" IR sensor cap because they couldn't make the rear panel wired IR input work. After sharing my frustration, they figured out how to make the rear panel wired access work. The remote now works great. This weekend it rained. When we turned on the wipers, both the overhead unit and the DVD player had power interruptions in rhythm with the wipers. Yes we took it back and yes the immediately fixed it but this is getting old.


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Very nice!! The extra inputs should come in handy.
Ditto (Very Nice!)

-What do you think of the sound quality through the FM Modulator you have? With the DVD turn down low, do you hear any hiss or static? If not, what brand of FM modulator did you get? I get some hiss on my FM modulator and didn't know if this typical of this type of setup.

-In order to install the DVD in that location (flat on, under the drivers seat) did the installers have to cut the cross bar behind the plastic cover?

Thanks in advance...


I'm not sure of the modulator brand (whatever they stocked at HiFi buys, however, we have had no trouble and no hiss. The installer actually warned me when he installed it that every once and a while one developed a hiss. He said that should we encounter that, bring it back and he would immediately fix it (while I didn't ask about the detail, I was under the impression that a hiss was a sign that there was something wrong with the modulator and that HiFi buys would just replace it).

I was not present when they pulled the seat and mounted the DVD player but my undersanding is that they cut the plastic only. Not knowning how the cross bar sits, this would lead me to believe they butted up against it becasue the player does sit flat against the floor. In thinking about it now, I would have learned a lot if I had stayed and watched.

Very Nice. Shoul keep the kids occupied for a while during trips.

If I may, could you let us know how much it costed you?
The cost ended up being $1,475. While I don't remember the exact breakdown, about $250 was labor to install. The price covered :

6.8" Audiovox overhead display
Audiovox DVD player
Cables and plugs for the remote A/V input jacks
140 watt power inverter
RF Modulator
2 pair wireless headphones
installation of the above equipment (it took about 7 hours start to finish)
Just in case someone's interested.....

a tidbit of information, Audiovox is coming out with a 8' flipdown screen with integrated DVD player all in one unit for about the same price as the 10' flipdown screen. That's about $ 1400.00. By the way nice install.
Any links on the information? When is the date?

I am not aware of any links to this item yet but I did saw the pics on the latest Audiovox monitor brochure in a local stereo shop. It is a very nice aesthetic design, not to mention all the built in features for the price point. I saw the display on the Audiovox monitors and all I can say is that the pic quality is quite nice, rivals Alpine. Kenwood and Pioneer, that's why I decided to go for the Audiovox. I originally wanted the Sharp monitor, it had a better anti-glare and side viewing radius but I had to modify and build a mounting plate for it, so for a friendlier install the Audiovox fit the bill even though it will cost me a few hundreds more. If I do find a link I will post it.
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