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Hi, there,

I recently bought a tow strap just in case I will need it to unstuck myself or to pull my buddy out a pit or something when we go offroading. Here is the question - where do I attach the strap?

The strap has two beefy metal hooks at both ends and it is rated 10,000 pounds. I found a strong metal loop under the engine, so no problem there if I need a tow from my buddy. But there isn't anything like that at the back. Well, not any more at least. There used to be a metal loop on the left hand side under the cargo bay. But I had to take it out when I installed the tow hitch. I believe the attach point should be somewhere on the tow hitch. But where? One solution I can come up with is to put the strap through the 2" square receiver hole in the hitch and hook it on the thick metal wall of the receiver hole. Any suggestion?

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