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Are the windows tinted w/film ?

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just wondering, are our rear windows tinted with film or is the glass colored ?? i have a dog that sometimes scratches at the windows and wonder if hes going to scratch the tint. if the glass itself is smoked then i guess i have nothing to worry about


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I'm fairly sure that the glass is "smoked." Don't let your dog scratch at the liftgate window, or he'll ruin your rear defroster. The grid lines are fired onto the inside surface, and are fairly easily damaged.
For safety reasons, your dog should be secured when travelling. I use a collapsible wire cage in the 'X, and bungees to secure it to the cargo hooks on the floor. Works great. Buster feels right at home in there; I know he's safe (won't bounce around during cornering/emergency braking), PLUS the interior of the 'X stays pristine. I highly recommend it!
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