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I am trying to play music synced directly into Apple Watch through my MDX 2016 audio system and only option I have on my watch when starting playback is my Beats Bluetooth headphones. There is Bluetooth pairing setting on watch itself and it does not pair with the car directly (phone is not present at that time). Even when I have phone ON and connected to car Bluetooth, the watch still resists to see car stereo as a playback option. I am curious if anyone here managed to play music from the watch directly to the car (there is video of it on youtube - not MDX though), with and without phone present. Please don't ask me why I want to do it if I have an iphone on me anyway which also contains music and plays perfectly fine... I am just curious :) plus watch itself has cell capabilities so I can imagine I may occasionally go for a drive without the phone on me. Having it play my music directly to the car would be very handy.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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