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Anyone with a Graco Snugride Carseat -- Must Read -- Major Recall

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NHTSA, Graco announce car seat recall

In cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Graco Children's Products announces a recall of 918,930 SnugRideT infant car seats equipped with a base manufactured in the USA between August 31, 1999 and February 28, 2002.

If you purchased a base through Graco Customer Service, your model number may not appear on the following list. You must review the instructions (see below) to make sure your unit is not affected.

The models are: 7493G9, 7493RS, 7497HL, 7497SY, 7499LK, 7499N2, 841101, 841102, 841103, 841203, 8412T02, 8457D5, 8457DBV, 8457F3, 8457GP, 8457IND, 8457MA, 8457MV, 8457RG, 8457TMJ, 8457TMP, 8457YL, 8458A5, 8458AE, 8458B7, 8458D8, 8458FKB, 8458HE, 8458HH, 8458KY, 8458N5, 8459VL, 8460LV, 8462HAV, 8462JAM, 8471UVB, 8472BLW, 8472BRN, 8472CYP, 8472GMP, 8472MAD, 8472YL, 8474HAB, 8474MEL, 8476VIN, 8477HAV, 8477JAM, 8477NGS and 8478SAR.

A number of SnugRide Infant Car Seats may have missing components on the base or seat. The components are metal hooks and "U" bars that are used to attach the carrier to the base. If the hardware is missing, the carrier may not be securely attached to the base. In the event of a sudden stop or crash, the carrier may detach from the base possibly resulting in serious injury or death.

Consumers with Graco infant car seats manufactured in the USA between August 31, 1999 and February 28, 2002 should download the instruction sheet (at to recalls) to determine if their unit is affected or contact Graco at 1-800-664-5246.

Please continue to use your car seat, without the base.

Consumers should have the model name, model number and date of manufacture of the car seat when making the call to the company. The information is located on the label adhered to the car seat or base.

Consumers with questions about this recall campaign should call NHTSA's toll-free Auto Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236 or visit NHTSA's web site:
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I can't vouch for whether or not it'll not slide around, but one way to get around any seat belt positioning issue is with the new Britax Super Elite:

It's one of a new breed of carseat where it keeps a child in a five-point harness until they're about 8 years old (up to 80 lbs or 53" in height, as generalized measures). On paper, safer than a belt-positioning booster because it relies on the five-point harness.

Downsides? The seat is expensive like all Britaxes -- about $200 and its availability has been very limited because of production issues (sound familiar?). Also, if your daughter feels she's outgrown a five-point harness she may resist using the seat.

I plan to put my son in it once he outgrows his Britax Roundabout. He should be accustomed to five-point harnesses so the transition should not be an issue.

A nice user-contributed database of car seat compatibility can be found at:

Unfortunately, while there are database entries for some infant and convertible seats in the MDX, there are currently none for booster seats.
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