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Anyone seen details for the 2018 MDX?

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i have been combing over anything that has mention or updates for the '18 MDX. looking to replace our '09 soon, but trying to figure out if there will be worthwhile changes in '18 for me to wait it out.

other options are the new LR Disco First Edition, Q7 and possibly Lexus' RX350H (with 3rd row seating). TIA
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It looks like some powertrain updates might be in order but I'm not sure how credible this source is 2018 Acura MDX Price, Interior, Design, Engine, Transmission, Changes

I really hope they will add the adaptive suspension to the non hybrid. But its unlikely.

It's really strange that we are this far in 2017 and no word on anything regarding 2018 MDX. Does anyone know when production ends for '17?
I'm tempted to wait. But the prices and selection may be too good now. The hardware may not support Apple play.
I even searched the Lincoln Alabama newspapers. For news. Nothing.
They're delayed. Makes me think they needed extra time to add stuff, like the updated infotainment system you see in the 2018 tlx. Wouldn't be surprising because the infotainment is really pulling down their satisfaction scores.

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Purely speculation?
Usually, Acura doesn't do any major changes after the MMC to the powertrain or body styling. The most we might see are color changes and maybe electronic updates like intro of Apple/android carplay. That will most likely be it until the 4th Gen hits the road as a early 2020 model if Acura sticks with the current Acura MDX vehicle cycle of 6-7 years.

I would wait until the 2018 hit the showroom because you might see some pretty good discounts for the 2017 models if there aren't any improvements (almost zero updates other than interior colors for the 10-13 MDX).
There are some pretty good discounts now. I guess that even if they got CarPlay,would it be worth $4,000 more for the car?
Hey Everyone. The 2018 Will have CAR PLAY. That is confirmed.

I was hoping they added the adaptive suspension and Pano sunroof but those weren't confirmed so I ordered a 2017. The deals on 2017 are too good to pass up. In the event that they release more info on 2018 before the end of the month and it has the adaptive suspension And PANO, I can decide and cancel my deposit on 2017. I'm getting the entertainment package for the little ones and not sure the entertainment would be available on a PANO roof due to space..etc
How are you ordering a 17? They can't still be making 17s.
I asked the dealer before I bought my car. He said there were no changes. So it will be interesting.
You understand the motivations of a car sales person, right? They are probably the least reliable source of information about anything in the past or future, they deal purely in the now...let's move some metal y'all!
We will see.
I always have hard time believing anything a salesman says. Sometimes I test them asking a question that I know the answer to see if they will say the truth or what I want to hear.
Also, most of them are not very well informed in the first place.
I know about salesmen. The salesman said he got the info from a ,
Manager who was just at a meeting on the subject. Again,we will see.
Sweet! About time. I'm in for a hybrid.
I've said this before,the hybrid is great.
I didn't realize Acura switched the line to be exclusively Ohio - it was originally Alabama, then I think both Alabama and Ohio, and now it looks like just Ohio. Some people complained about the ones produced in Alabama although those were obviously the first couple of model years of the third gen, which experienced some growing pains (aka assembly quality issues).
Mine was made in Alabama. It looks great.
So how do we get the 17 infotainment upgraded? Is it possible?
As has been posted before. It's not going to happen. There was a hardware change. Acura will use that to deny that anything can be done. Even if it's only software.
I’m ready to go but once again, no 2018 hybrid available. Only had. “Winter” is too vague! Any thoughts/rumors on when winter is coming?

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Since there was no previous notice for the 2018,I doubt there will be when winter arrives.
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