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Anyone seen details for the 2018 MDX?

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i have been combing over anything that has mention or updates for the '18 MDX. looking to replace our '09 soon, but trying to figure out if there will be worthwhile changes in '18 for me to wait it out.

other options are the new LR Disco First Edition, Q7 and possibly Lexus' RX350H (with 3rd row seating). TIA
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I for one am holding out hope they upgrade the infopainment for the 2018 model

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Not looking too promising, as the upcoming *redesigned* RLX doesn't even feature CarPlay/AA.

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2018s are in next month. They will have brand new infotainment software and interface running Apple Car Play and Android Auto. It is the same system in the 2018 TLX. I was just playing with it. It is awesome.

For real? How do you know?!
I’m ready to go but once again, no 2018 hybrid available. Only had. “Winter” is too vague! Any thoughts/rumors on when winter is coming?

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