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Anyone got any good MDX in Snow pics?

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How about some cool MDX in the snowstorm pics?
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someone should have something.

Could someone from Buffalo area post some MDX pictures on snow? I also heard South-East had lots of snow yesterday.
No hill too high....

Cary NC


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Wow, cool !!

How deep was that snow? Did you successfully climbed up to that hill? We have not got any snow this year. Next storm will come this Sunday night. Let's see...........
More MDX-in-Snow Please

Nice picture.. for you all in the North.. how about showing us some more MDX in feet of snow.. :)
Sorry, we just have few inches right now. How about a picture of an MDX in really cold temperatures? :)
Want more snow?


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Wow!! MHarnois, this is the best picture of any MDX I ever saw. How many inches was on the top?
sharky said:
... How many inches was on the top?
What difference does it make? It is A LOT of snow! The picture is beautiful.... :D :D :D
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