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Anyone else tempted to switch to the new Pilot?

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Anyone else tempted to switch from the MDX to the new Pilot? I’m really impressed by what Honda has done. Almost every one of the features I really like from the MDX(the removable middle seat, the panoramic sunroof, 360 camera, heads up display, the Advance’s rear hatch that automatically closes as you walk away is on it and it has a substantially better third row (vents, an extra place, more leg room, and a 60/40 split) with a much bigger cargo area. All on the same platform with the same transmission as the MDX plus a newer version of the V6 that make almost as much power. I don’t think I’d have bought an MDX were this generation Pilot released. Especially now that I’m using the third row a lot more than we ever expected. No doubt the Bose system in the Elite is a downgrade from the ELS Studio 3D, the styling isn’t quite as nice, going from the larger screen to the smaller one would be a downgrade, and the materials in the MDX are nicer but its looking to me that the benefits for our family would outweigh what we’d lose and almost every feature we love would stay. Cachet means little to me though my local Honda dealer isn't as good as the local Acura dealer so that would be a downgrade.
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I'm sure the newer pilot will feel closer to the mdx but we had a 2019 pilot and now a 2022 passport and it drives very different than the mdx.
A year ago we bought our 2022 MDX and sold our 2019 Pilot to my daughter. Last week I drove the Pilot a few miles around town. I think the Pilot seats are more supportive, and the Pilot seems to handle better. Love the MDX, but i 'missed' the Pilot just a little after the drive....
I had a 2019 Pilot and now a 2022 Passport. Sorry but no way the pilot handles better. You do sit slightly more upright which is maybe why you think the seats are more supportive, but I find the mdx seats more comfortable on longer trips.
Maik, Great to see you post again... I would add one thing that Acura Chinsed on: Our 2022 MDX Advance do NOT have the Auto Dampeners on the Suspension (Not the air suspension....but you know what I mean) in the American models , yet it does in the Canandian Model. Even the 2019 - and onward RDXs do! (perhaps not the base models, but the others do). I have NOT Test driven to Feel the differences, but reviewers of the 2022-23 RDXs say they feel that difference on the road pavements/ conditions.
Where is there info on the auto dampeners... I can't seem to find any.
I would say EXL Pilot which is now the base would have quite a bit to the next level. Judging by current Pilot and knowing Honda pretty well. You would be missing on navigation, heated seats, wireless charging, probably pano moonroof and much nicer wheels. Maybe even powered tailgate, or at least hands free would be the next level up.

Realistically you are probably at least 5-8k difference between the 2 vehicles on each comparable trim. If that is worth it to you is up to you. Yes power is going to be similar obviously but handling is quite different and the way it's tuned. I've had 3 MDXs and 2 Pilots now and you can't go wrong either way. You will get more for the MDX when getting a new car in the future so the initial "investment" is not a total loss.
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