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Any experience with Audiovox Mobile Systems?

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Just when I thought I finally made up my mind about a "mobile theater" solution for my MDX, a friend threw a monkey wrench in my plans by suggesting Audiovox "Video-in-a-bag" system.

Costco and a few other retailers now carry new 5" vbp2000 system and even newer vbp3000 2 x 5" screens system with tv tuner and a possibility to watch 2 different sources on those 2 screens. (video, tv, or video game/dvd through A/V inputs)

Quite attractively priced as well. ($270/$500 I believe)

I never owned/dealt with Audiovox before. So, any insights and suggestions will be appreciated.
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Vip9 -

I have not used the "bag" version but we just had the Audiovox 6.8" overhead unit installed. It's connected to an audiovox CD player mounted under the drivers seat. Both work very well and much to my surprise the screen has a very wide "side viewing" range.
vip9, we have the video in a bag!

We have had a very good experience with the audiovox system. The resolution on the screen is much better than I expected. Rewinding is much faster than I expected. The portability is great for us, because we alternate cars frequently. Keep in mind, though, that you have to fine-tune the strap adjustment for different cars, and it isn't much of a hassel - you just have to make the adjustment and it takes a little extra time. The only gripe my son ever has is that the glare sometimes (not often)hinders his ability to see the screen well. However, this is almost always in our car with non-tinted windows. Also, a window shade and modest positioning adjustments help as well. You can get these systems at Toys R Us for 269.00 (I think) now. Well worth the money for reduction in the whine-factor, which was, but is no more, a persistent factor with road trips of any duration. Hope this helps! Good luck!:)
XMom, thanks a lot!!!
Do you have a 4" or a 5" (VBP1000 or VBP2000)?

According to Audiovox, you can connect a Video Game Console or other similar external sources - have you tried?
more info for vip9

Hi vip9!

We have the VBP1000 with 4" monitor. I didn't even know they had a 5" monitor:( ! Oh, well, the 4" is (suprisingly) not too small at all, and the resolution/picture quality is great! I have not tried to hook up any video games...yet. My baby(?) will be 5 in a few months and will be getting a Game Boy Advance for his birthday....(sigh - growing up too fast). Since you asked, though, I got my book out and looked for the info. There are three input jacks (video and 2 audio) right on the front of the unit (right beside the tape slot). They are very accessible and should accept all necessary connections with minimal trouble. You can also input from a camcorder! There are also 2 headphone jacks (although we cannot get the youngun' to use them:rolleyes: ). I would hope for good game resolution - especially with the quality of the tv picture - I was truly shocked!

I was in Toys R Us again this weekend, and our local store is selling them for 269.99 with two free videos. We got our son's for him for 'xmas and got it for 289.99 with two videos. The tapes are supposed to be under something like 12.00, but they let me pay the difference for more expensive tapes.

By the way, it also has AC/DC adapter as well as car adapter - great for hotel rooms!

Let me know if you need any more info! Good luck!:D
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Any other users out there with this system. If so, please provide your opinions. I intend to get the Audiovox VBP2000 VCP with 5" screen. The system comes with two headphone jacks and apparently will accept one audio/video source. They are currently going for $299 at Circuit City. Not an advanced solution but hey, I only take a few long trips each year. I may purchase the protection plan (usually I don't like these plans) b/c of the portability of the system. I will report back in a month or so and let people know how it worked.
I did not buy this product yet, although it is # 1 on my list of things to get. The reason for it - I want to SEE it with my own eyes, not just on the picture.

So far, Costco has the lowest price on vbp2000 - I think $269.

BTW, check, they have a few other models as well. The one I am actually considering is vbp-3000 it has two 5" screens, has a tv tuner and each screen can show a separate A/V source. It goes for $499 in Costco. Screens can be unit-mounted, head-rest mounted or hand-held. They also came out with vbp-4000 - 5.6" cd-player. (not sure about price) Unfortunately, my local Costco does not have any. No other store in the area has them either.

I WANT TO SEE THE DAMN THING! Vbp-1000 is so "scary-looking" that I would not buy it. But newer models are supposed to be more aesthetically pleasant.

A2MDXer, please keep us posted.

Thanks for the input. I did check out the Audiovox website and saw the other models as well. I personally viewed the vbp1000 at Circuit City (currently on sale for $229). It was hooked up to a DVD that also was being shown on a headrest LCD and a Flip-down pod LCD. Actually the 4" screen was not that bad which makes me think that the 5" (newer) will be even better. Picture quality was not quite as good as the Audiovox flip down but was reasonable. The unit itself looked like it was fairly well made and it about the size of those old rental VCRs at your local video store. I think it will sit up at about eye level if you place the unit on the top/rear of the center console. Not sure if this will impede vision from the rearview mirror but I am sure it can be adjusted.

I also located the vbp2000 at Target and pulled it out of the box (obviously it wasn't on). Basically, the same size and the screen looked pretty solid. I am not a Costco member and Circuit City said they would give me the vbp2000 for $284 (on sale this week I guess). They also offer a 3 year protection package for $45 (by then it will probably be obsolete anyway) for some peace of mind. If I want DVD, I can always run to the video input. I figure this will hold me over for a few years. Then I can do a more advanced setup. Let me know what you think.
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How about the Audiovox 5.8 portable DVD?

It's only 374.99 and it's a bit smaller than the video-in-a-bags. Just another alternative...


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Or the 7 inch...

This one's $489 for the 7 inch.


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I did briefly consider the portable DVD but all of our kid videos are on tape, the vbp was a bit cheaper (although definitely larger) and I wasn't sure if the DVD might skip on some roads.

I purchased the vbp2000 last night. I has not been installed yet but I did pop in a video and try it out. Overall, I am pretty happy with it right now. The unit is much lighter (lighter than my notebook computer) and smaller than I expected. They give you a carry bag with a shouler strap. The screen quality is pretty good, almost as good as the 5 or 6" headrest models I have seen. I am posting some screen shots below from the Matrix (I think a different movie might have showed more colors) from last night - the lighting was not good so the shots could be better. When I get the bag adjusted and "installed" in the MDX I will take a few more pics.


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Here's another - again, the screen is better to the eyes than the camera.


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Last one. Same as above but the screen is flipped open. The screen can be opened to almost any angle (it swings probably 300 degrees if that makes sense).


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I'm also planning to buy the same Audiovox system. I already got a DVD player from Best Buy to hook up to it. Planning to place the DVD player under the driver's seat, but not sure how this would work, since this DVD player is meant for home use, will velcro it down. Also, planning to hook my son's Game Cube system to it also.

Are you going to place the unit on your console? Probably can use bungi cords to stablize it. Or does this unit come with straps?

Looking forward to your pics...


The silver unit goes inside a bag that has several straps (I think one from each corner). The two top straps go around the headrest anchors. I have not looked closely at the bottow straps. The unit gets mounted vertically with the "face" approximately pointing to the second-row dome light. Given its size, I think it will sit nicely right on top of the rear part of the console, just above the heat vents (but I have not tried it yet).

If you did not purchase the DVD already, I know Audiovox makes an identical unit except DVD instead of VCR for just a bit more. I think you will need to alternate between DVD and cube plug-ins b/c only one video input is available. Note: it's a player only, not a recorder.
Does anyone have any info. on the DVD video in a bag system from Audiovox. It's new, the model #: VBP 4000.

Checked with local retailers and those suggested by Audiovox, but none have knowledge of this product.
Marfong, based on my experience with Audiovox, new products hit the shelf usually 2-3 months after they appear on (as was with vbp-2000 and 3000) Audiovox website will usually put a pdf User Manual on a product detail page.

I believe I found 1 reference to vbp-4000 using search engine (try vbp4000 or vbp-4000 - do not remember which was successful) I think the price for 4000 was between 2000 and 3000, which is probably $400.

IMO, go for a portable DVD player - for $100 or $200 more you can have top of the line 7"-8" "take-me-anywhere" unit as opposed to a bulky strap-on. :)
I agree with vip9,

If I was buying a portable unit just for DVDs, I would get the Audiovox or Panasonic (although I am not sure if those units will accept input from a GameCube - you would have to check). I think you can find one of those units for around $450-500 and they are much smaller. I wanted an even cheaper alternative and wanted to use my existing VCR videos primarily so I went with the vbp2000 ($285). I have not used it in the MDX but have played it several times in the house and am pretty happy with it.
Here is a link to the VBP2000 at Target so you can get product info and dimensions.

If you still want the "DVD in a bag" concept you can find a similar model at Target for $399 (I don't think it's Audiovox though).
Here is the link to the DVD in a bag
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