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Any dog owners out there with any back seat liners suggestions?liner

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Is there a liner for the back seat that's similiar to the cargo liner for the trunk that Tim sells at Hondaacuraworld? I'm thinking it would be good if you have a dog or in my case, I carry a lot of supplies in the back seat and don't want to scratch up the leather but also don't want to fold the rear seats down. This because I want to conceal what's in my trunk with the use of the cargo cover.

Any suggestions on websites that sell these things?

Thanks in advance.
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I got a great one from ORVIS. It is black, (like my seats), and fits perfectly. My dog has his name embroidered in the center, (does he feel special). It has a closed cell foam base that is waterproof in case the mutt is wet when he gets in. Where the seat back becomes the seat bottom sewn in are two dowels, one on each side you tuck between the split between the seat back and base to hold the cover in place. Has openings for the seat belts but my wife sewed them together to seal out our (big) dogs dirt he brings in, --no seat belt for him. We also added 4 velcro strips to the bottom. They fasten around the rod that is between the floor and the bottom of the seat which really holds the cover on. It removes very easily, cleans easy too.
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