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Any dog owners out there with any back seat liners suggestions?liner

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Is there a liner for the back seat that's similiar to the cargo liner for the trunk that Tim sells at Hondaacuraworld? I'm thinking it would be good if you have a dog or in my case, I carry a lot of supplies in the back seat and don't want to scratch up the leather but also don't want to fold the rear seats down. This because I want to conceal what's in my trunk with the use of the cargo cover.

Any suggestions on websites that sell these things?

Thanks in advance.
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i would also look in a car and driver, or motor trend mag, there is an ad for a back seat dog loops onto the front and rear headrests so it forms something like a hammock. it contains the dog and dog hair and dirt better.

someone suggested just getting a traveling crate for the cargo area which i now use, its great...

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