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We sold our '99 EB Expy ...

... after we bought the MDX. We owned/drove a loaded Expedition for 2 1/2 years before the MDX came out. For us the Expy (and Sequoia. Suburbans, Tahoe, etc.) was too large and bulky for our needs. Indeed the MDX was what we were looking for (which of course did not exist) when we bought the Expy.

The MDX offers far greater handling and driving performance and satisfaction than the larger vehicles. In my opinion it really comes down to the buyers necessity for greater towing ability and 3rd seat usage. If large towing is needed and full time adult 3rd seat usage is needed then do not get an MDX. Of course if full time adult 3rd seat usage is needed then do not buy a Sequoia either. Although somewhat better than the Expy, Sequoia's 3rd seat is still cramped for adults. If true 3rd seat adult comfort is needed get a Suburban.

For lots of room, lots of versatility (e.g. occaisional 3rd seat usage) and LOTS of style the MDX can't be beat.
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