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All other things being equal.........

The BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT reason to not get the Sequoia and get the MDX would be the fact that even the "Limited" model does not come with an optional DVD Navigation System - AND THIS IS A 40K+ vehicle for CRYIN OUT LOUD - No need to even consider this vehicle - MDX wins, CASE CLOSED

Shame on Toyota!! Shame on them again for not offering a Navi, in an age when even "lesser" vehicles have begun to offer this amazing device as an option! - Sometimes I wonder what TOYOTA is high on - They offer a Navi system option on the "lowly" (relatively speaking) Camry and THE MATRIX (for cryin out loud) - These low-IQ humans at Toyota probably think FOR SOME ODD STUPID LOGIC THAT ONLY MAKES SENSE TO THEM - that buyers of a Matrix would want a Navi system, while buyers of the MORE EXPENSIVE RAV4, Highlander and Sequoia have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for a Navi system - I think by Toyota's lopsided reasoning they probably believe these buyers are HOMING PIGEONS :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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