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Any comparisons between MDX & Toyota Sequoia?

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I just wanna know if anyone every compared the MDX to the Toyota Sequoia? Any feedback would help as I'm trying to convince my wife to get the MDX instead of the Sequoia or something else... even possibly even a van. :eek:
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The Sequoia was one of the first SUV's I looked at. I really liked how I felt in it, as well as the look of the dashboard with all its gauges. I test drove it right after the Highlander.

Unfortunately, when I drove the Sequoia, the salesman said it needed gas and had me stop at a real busy station where cars were coming in every which way. I had to back out and move around the other cars and I felt like I was driving a tank. I was so afraid that I would hit something that when I got back to the dealer, I crossed the Sequoia off my list. Even standing next to it I felt so small. That too bad as I really liked sitting in it. Even the seats were gray, which was the interior color of choice for me.

Whats interesting is I looked at the RX300, the ML320, the Qx4, the Envoy and Bravada, before I even considered the MDX (because it seemed too high priced and no one had one to even look at. Once I finally tried the MDX, I was sold.

The Sequoia is a nice SUV, but not in the size category as the above ones and the MDX.

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I really think the Sequoia is awesome. It's my second choice, after the MDX. I currently drive an Expedition and am looking for something different (i.e., more luxurious) and, something that I don't have to climb up into. Being a current Expedition owner, I've never found the Sequoia's size to be intimidating. I drove the Sequoia and found it to be a real pleasure to drive. I just didn't care for the exterior paint combination on the SR5 models and to get away from it meant going into a "Limited" where the MSRP easily was $45K plus. But, I've seen dealers in my area discounting them about $4K.

On, there are the "Town Hall" discussion boards and, if you do a search on either vehicle, I think I remember there being a discussion board devoted to a comparison of the vehicles.
Thanks for the input. I'm still leaning towards the MDX. The only problem, it'll be her daily driver. :(
Sequoia is a beast

My wife drove the Sequoia when we became discouraged about the wait for the MDX. This is one large vehicle. Unfortunately it drives very much like a truck and the SE5 model (with a sticker price close to the premium MDX) looks very cheap inside. If I remember correctly, the higher trim level is actually more expensive than the MDX Tw/N. Since this is my wife's car, the test-drive alone was enough to scare her away. We waited for the MDX and took delivery last month. Glad we did.
Before, I found out about the MDX, I was looking at a Sequoia. They hadn't come out yet(2000), but on paper, it was larger than the Tahoe, and smaller than the Suburban. I was thinking it would be a steal considering the fact that it was larger than a Landcruiser, shares the same engine/drivetrain and its cheaper. Knowing Toyota reliablility and durability, I figured it would last "forever". Then I found out it was based on the Tundra, I thought it can't be that expensive(A Tundra V-8 4wd access cab starts at $26,500). With my hopes high, I went to the Toyota dealer. They didn't have one available yet(this was october of 2000), but they were taking deposits, and were still bebating how much over sticker they were going to ask for the beast. they were quoting me prices in the $43-$47k range depending on whether you got the SR5 or the Limited. I told the salesman "what are you guys smoking?" and told him thanks, but no thanks. I already had a deposit on the MDX and picked it up 2 wks after its launch(paid MSRP). I went by the Toyota dealership a couple of months later to check the sequoia. I liked it(if you need a full size SUV, with large towing capacity). However, it has the same cheap interior as the Tundra, height is 11 inches off the road, 3rd row seats don't disappear, is pricey and its a gas guzzler(14/17 mpg). I calculated that it would be cheaper to refill the MDX with Premium gas(17/23 mpg) than to fill the Toyota with Regular gas(14/17 mpg).

If you are thinking of buying a Tahoe or Expedition or a Suburban, then I would definetly look at the Sequoia. However, it would be hard for me to pay $45k for a loaded sequoia when you can find a loaded Tahoe or Expedition for $34k. I am just glad I picked the MDX.:)
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I looked at the Sequioa too - tempting except for it's size - it would be a real tight squeeze to get it in my garage. It's definately truck-based and has a different ride. Probably can tow much more too, which isn't important to me.

Gas mileage - I figured was about a wash. Last time I was at the pump, the difference between premium and regular was 24 cents.
Oh - and on the price - I think a fairer comparison would put the Sequoia closer to dealer invoice. Around here (Boston), Toyota is starting to wheel and deal on the Sequoia and the Highlander.
Sure, today you can get a sequoia for less than sticker, but in oct 2000 that wasn't they case.
Agree. Not many people were paying full boat in Oct 2001 though.
Markedoc said:
Agree. Not many people were paying full boat in Oct 2001 though.
Sequoia has been advertised 3-4K below MSRP here and it is commonly done on the Toyota ad. If you really are into more truck load and more tow, Sequoia may be a choice for that. It is less a luxary car but is built from Tundra truck platform (which is highly rated in its class still.)
We sold our '99 EB Expy ...

... after we bought the MDX. We owned/drove a loaded Expedition for 2 1/2 years before the MDX came out. For us the Expy (and Sequoia. Suburbans, Tahoe, etc.) was too large and bulky for our needs. Indeed the MDX was what we were looking for (which of course did not exist) when we bought the Expy.

The MDX offers far greater handling and driving performance and satisfaction than the larger vehicles. In my opinion it really comes down to the buyers necessity for greater towing ability and 3rd seat usage. If large towing is needed and full time adult 3rd seat usage is needed then do not get an MDX. Of course if full time adult 3rd seat usage is needed then do not buy a Sequoia either. Although somewhat better than the Expy, Sequoia's 3rd seat is still cramped for adults. If true 3rd seat adult comfort is needed get a Suburban.

For lots of room, lots of versatility (e.g. occaisional 3rd seat usage) and LOTS of style the MDX can't be beat.
All other things being equal.........

The BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT reason to not get the Sequoia and get the MDX would be the fact that even the "Limited" model does not come with an optional DVD Navigation System - AND THIS IS A 40K+ vehicle for CRYIN OUT LOUD - No need to even consider this vehicle - MDX wins, CASE CLOSED

Shame on Toyota!! Shame on them again for not offering a Navi, in an age when even "lesser" vehicles have begun to offer this amazing device as an option! - Sometimes I wonder what TOYOTA is high on - They offer a Navi system option on the "lowly" (relatively speaking) Camry and THE MATRIX (for cryin out loud) - These low-IQ humans at Toyota probably think FOR SOME ODD STUPID LOGIC THAT ONLY MAKES SENSE TO THEM - that buyers of a Matrix would want a Navi system, while buyers of the MORE EXPENSIVE RAV4, Highlander and Sequoia have ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for a Navi system - I think by Toyota's lopsided reasoning they probably believe these buyers are HOMING PIGEONS :rolleyes:
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I have to agree with you vicpai. I couldn't believe that the matrix has an option for navi. Then, i was looking at a european car mag, they mentioned that a COROLLA can be optioned with a navi. I was astounded. I just don't understand the logic here!:(
Actually, it's the low-IQ HUMANS that BUY these cars and trucks. IF no one bought em, they would change REAL QUICK.....
Hey thanks all. Ended up getting an MDX instead. It actually came down to the MDX or an Odyssey Van :rolleyes: I love it and this forum. This is coming from a former 2000 Acura TL owner. Had to trade that baby in though... :( Keep on Xing!!
I think the Sequoia is built on the Tacoma platform....Hence that is why it share some of the same fascia similarities. Yes, it does drive like a truck because it is built on a truck platform.

I like the SUV, it is handsome but it is rather tall for my taste. In addition the third road seat does not fold to the floor like the MDX. It is also a very thirsty engine that comes in the six cylinder and eight cylinders. It is also a pretty slow truck because of its weight.

You cant really compare the MDX with the SUV in my opinion because the MDX is in a different category than the toyota SUVs. I would prefer to compare the Sequoia with the Ford Explorer or some other truck like SUVs.
Sequoia & Nav

The Sequoia does not have a Japanese orign, thus no nav.

In Japan the house numbers are often NON_SEQUENTIAL so everybody pretty much needs nav (or one of those crazy little address number books that the motor clubs sell).

The Sequoia is built in 'Mericuh to appeal to 'Merricuhns and every good school boy in Japan knows 'Mericuhn men don't need nav. they just 'a get on their 'stead and head into to town...
Hey all,

Sequoia is based on the TUNDRA platform, not Tacoma. It has a iForce V8, which has a fuel economy of 13/17 (approx.). However, it uses REGULAR fuel...thus, making the difference in fuel economy between MDX and Sequoia small.

The Sequoia is ONLY similar to the Tundra from the front doors foward. It has a totally different rear suspension (coil springs vs. leaf springs). It's third row seat can hold three people with decent legroom.

It has a 0-60 time of 8.5 to 9 seconds, which is not bad at all for such a large SUV. I would not call this "slow".

It is built to compare with the EXPEDITION and Yukons, not Explorer.

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