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Another HAPPY MDX owner..

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We went to the dealer last night to talk to the finance guy. We worked on the lease, & got close to the figures I wanted. Will talk to the main lease manager on Tues. night. They checked on the "X", & it showed it had arrived in their receiving place in Denver & should be here Monday to get prepped! YEA:D Can't wait. It's the Mesa Beige Metallic Premium w/ NAVI. I'll put the options I want printing out info from hondacuraworld right now. I just hope Del. goes well;)
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That is great news. You are almost there.

My wife drove mine for the first time tonight and I am not sure it was a good idea. She really liked it and said it drove much better than my previous two vehicles, an F-150 SuperCrew and Nissan Pathfinder.

While you are selecting those accessories from Tim, be sure to visit the accessories thread and join our group buy on Cargo trays. We need a few more before getting the discount.

Let us hear back from you when after you pick it up.

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