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Another HAPPY MDX owner..

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We went to the dealer last night to talk to the finance guy. We worked on the lease, & got close to the figures I wanted. Will talk to the main lease manager on Tues. night. They checked on the "X", & it showed it had arrived in their receiving place in Denver & should be here Monday to get prepped! YEA:D Can't wait. It's the Mesa Beige Metallic Premium w/ NAVI. I'll put the options I want printing out info from hondacuraworld right now. I just hope Del. goes well;)
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Thanks MIKEinTN. I will ck out the cargo try's. I spoke to my wife about something to put back ther when we go on our trip next week after we get the MDX (Hopefully!)I'll let ya know. I'm going to have to let her drive it on the trip too. She'll prob. want to replace her SUV sooner also!
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