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OK, so I did two AZ-NYC round trips, with a bit of stopping off in between (so the driving is slightly mixed mode). The speed limits for about half of the miles were 75-80mph, which doesn't result in the best mileage, of course. I fudged most speed limits by a few mph, so I'd say that my average interstate speed was around 75mph, or maybe a little more.

The first time I did this trip (around 160K miles on the clock), I got only about 18mpg. Not horrible, but c'mon... I know my MDX can do better.

Replaced my O2 sensors, plugs, and adjusted the valves, and the next trip returned a more respectable 19.7mpg (with just over 20mpg on the legs that were almost all highway miles). Hmmmm. Still not where I hoped it would be.

This trip, I ditched the K&N air filter element, and put in a good ol' paper element filter. I got 20.6mpg, with the "pure highway" mileage being 20.9mpg. About 1mpg by choosing a cheaper air filter. No other differences, and it's clear it helped quite a bit.

The car was flawless for the entire 7400+ miles, other than downshifting incessantly every time there was any kind of incline. I really (!!!!!) wish someone had a way to reprogram the TCM or some other hack to make the transmission less shift-happy... I'm sure that alone would be worth 1mpg (quite a few hills between Mesa, AZ and NYC).
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