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The Forum has many posts concerning dead batteries. The usual suspects are the HFL module or the A/C compressor clutch relay.

My 2007 MDX Sport battery failed about a year ago caused by the A/C compressor clutch relay locking closed.

This weekend we returned from a flight and my wife's 2007 TL-S had a dead battery in the airport parking lot. It turns out the A/C compressor clutch relay failed in the closed position on her car and that drained the battery. Deja Vie all over again.

Both cars had the relay fail closed in the 70,000 mile range.

The relay in question is the Omron style and it has been superseded by Acura by a 39794-SDA-A05 from another vendor, Mitsuba. $20 at the dealer and $15 online.

The replacement is so easy as chronicled here on the forum that I would recommend adding it to the personal maintenance program of any DIY'er.

The usual auto parts stores also carry this relay as does eBay too.

A few bucks spent today saves the headaches of returning to your car with luggage and facing the problems associated with the failed relay.
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