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Amplifier Placement, Base Model

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:confused:I have seen quite a few discussion threads with respect to replacement speakers, but nothing yet on amplifier installation for the base (non-Bose) model. I understand that the factory head unit is only rated for 5 watts RMS, and was exploring the possibility of adding an aftermarket amplifier in addition to replacing the speakers. It seems that there are a variety of good 5-channel amplifiers on the market today (Eclipse 3650, Soundstream P205, Alpine MRV-F357, etc.), and that only one amplifier would be needed to drive the front speakers, rear speakers, and the subwoofer. In looking at the factory service manual, it seems that in the Touring Model, the Bose amplifier is placed on its side inside the console that houses the transmission shift lever.

Has anyone attempted to install an aftermarket amplifier in this location?
Are there any other locations that would be unobtrusive?
Can one replace the subwoofer amplifier with the 5-channel (if the sizes are the same)?
Does anyone have experience in installing aftermarket head units that are higher powered than the factory head unit?:confused:
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Thanks for the response. I am very impressed with the high-end components that you installed, and did have a few questions after looking at your posts.

When you said that you placed Dynamat in your vehicle, I assumed that you pulled the door covers off and applied the Dynamat directly to the metal, correct?

How much Dynamat did you use for this? I know that Dynamat comes in 2' x 2' sheets, and wanted to find out whether you bought a larger size (more economical).

Did you use the original Dynamat, or the Extreme?

Did your Concept subwoofer drop directly into the existing sub cutout, or did you have to provide a custom enclosure?

Did the installers that you used have any idea when the custom install kit for an aftermarket head unit was going to be available? I checked with a high-end shop, and they said that they charged someone in the neighborhood of $500 (not including the cost of the head unit) to install an aftermarket head unit because of the custom work that was involved (seems like a lot of money to put in a head unit).

Where did you install the tweeters from the Focal components in the second row?

Did your Focal components come with separate crossovers, and if so, where were these mounted?

Would you mind sharing with us the cost of the components and the labor for the install?

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