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All Fogged Up

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Not sure if there are other previous threads on this......

.....I have a lot of problems with the windshield and side windows fogging up in wet or damp weather.

I have to constantly keep switching from auto to defog to keep the windows clear, which really bugs me.

Does anyone have this problem, or is it unique to me ?
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Air Conditioning is so named as it conditioned the air by managing the moisture content or humidity. In 1902 Willis Carrier built the first air conditioner to combat humidity inside a printing company. Controlling the humidity in printing companies and textile mills was the start of environment management even though chillers were in use before to store food and documents.

Ironically the term air conditioning actually originated with the textile engineer, Stuart H. Cramer, who used the phrase 'air conditioning' in a patent claim filed for a device that added water vapor to the air in textile plants to 'condition' the yarn. He and another engineer I. H. Hardeman then associated the term "air conditioning" with Carrier's cooling systems when they installed one at the Chronicle Cotton Mills in Belmont, North Carolina.

In 1928, Willis Haviland Carrier developed the first residential 'Weathermaker', an air conditioner for private home use using a small safe "centrifugal chiller". Carrier did not invent the very first system to cool an interior structure but he made it safe and efficient as well as demonstrate an understanding of humidity, temperature and comfort. His formula are still used today.

I always thought it was crazy that American cars were all difficult to use with the A/C on and the heater/defrost vents. As far as I know they all allow this much easier now.
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iceman1331 said:

Correct, you either turn on your A/C or roll down your windows or keep your sunroof open to avoid fogging.

However, turning on the A/C all the time will reduce your fuel mileage and eat up extra gasoline to keep the system on. If you want to save some $ by not using the A/C, opening the windows seems to be the solution which may not be a good idea in extreme climate conditions.

I have a Volvo which never has the fogging problem even though I don't on my A/C or open the windows. :4:
Obviously that Volvo has more natural airflow.
You bring humidity into the car with your breath, sweat, or damp clothes. It either has to be removed by condensation with the A/C or by dryer air from outside replacing the moist air inside.

My Volvo V70 wasn't much different than the MDX except the volume wasn't quite as much so it didn't take as long to dry out. In the MDX it can take a while to get the side rear windows if I get in after being soaked in the rain and it is cool outside.

Acura did design this vehicle to dry itself out with the A/C that is part of why it is there so there isn't a design problem. One may choose to save gas (an insignificant amount) in lieu of having a humid interior but I will use the A/C for what it was designed to do.
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