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All Fogged Up

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Not sure if there are other previous threads on this......

.....I have a lot of problems with the windshield and side windows fogging up in wet or damp weather.

I have to constantly keep switching from auto to defog to keep the windows clear, which really bugs me.

Does anyone have this problem, or is it unique to me ?
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RedMdxMemphis said:
Actually AC is the solutions to all the fogs in the car. This is really common practice on ANY car. The air conditioner will condense the humidity away so that the fog disappears. Even in the cold weather, the heat does not remove the fog quick enough.

Let the MDX take care of your climate in the car. YOU PAID FOR THE LUXARY! :p
Correct, you either turn on your A/C or roll down your windows or keep your sunroof open to avoid fogging.

However, turning on the A/C all the time will reduce your fuel mileage and eat up extra gasoline to keep the system on. If you want to save some $ by not using the A/C, opening the windows seems to be the solution which may not be a good idea in extreme climate conditions.

I have a Volvo which never has the fogging problem even though I don't on my A/C or open the windows. :4:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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