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All Fogged Up

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Not sure if there are other previous threads on this......

.....I have a lot of problems with the windshield and side windows fogging up in wet or damp weather.

I have to constantly keep switching from auto to defog to keep the windows clear, which really bugs me.

Does anyone have this problem, or is it unique to me ?
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In case you wonder why, cooling air (with the A/C) dries it and makes it much less likely to cause fogging. I leave my A/C on year-round, summer or winter, and almost never have fogging.
ByeByeChrysler said:
I like keeping it on "full auto" all the time, if I turn on the very loud front defogger, it get too warm.:confused:
Mine's never on Full Auto unless the dealer has turned the system off during a service. A/C on, fresh air (non-recirc), defrost with the fan turned down to "3" or so, and temp set to where you want it = the formula for cabin comfort and no fog. If it's wet and cold outside, however, 4 or more people in the vehicle make it very hard to keep the fogging totally in control.

The title of this thread sounds like an Elvis song:18:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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