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All Doors Self-Locked with Keys Inside!

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Anybody else experience this annoyance. 2x in the past 6 months, the MDX has locked itself (no, not the 30 second variety when you open it with the remote, then don't go in for 30 sec.) This is the bona fide "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED ENTRY INTO YOUR VEHICLE, WE'RE SHUTTING DOWN THIS PLACE". And to boot, the alarm was activated.

Unfortunately, we had just come back from a weeklong trip and both sets of keys/remotes were in the vehicle so we had to call Acura Roadside Assist which was the good news and the bad news. I actually ended up opening the vehicle with a coat hanger with the tow truck driver's wedging assistance.

Let me know if y'all have also experienced this and how it was fixed.

THanks, saja
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I've done this!

sajakake: Check out my thread about how this happened to me.

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