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I've got a 2001 MDX. Sat outside for the winter. Went to start it but it was totally dead. no lights inside or out. when i hooked up the jumper cables the horn blasted continuously. couldn't jump start it. disconnected the fuse on the horn. then tried charging the battery which did nothing for 4 hours. put the fuse back in for the horn, which was now quiet. bought and installed a new battery. still nothing. someone said it was the security system. tried locking and unlocking the front door. still nothing. That's where I am. Is it the security system cut off? If so, how do I bypass this and get the car started. (Flashers still work but thats it. no dashboard lights. no interior or turn lights. Help would be greatly apprecated.

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In addition to what habbyguy mentions, here are a few more suggestions.

If you have a second remote key, see if it locks/unlocks the door. The battery(ies) might be dead. You might have to unlock to turn off the alarm and cut-off, rearm, and unlock.

Check is steering wheel is locked in place by jogging back and forth.

Make sure the ignition is back to home (where the key can be inserted/removed)

Make sure you are in park or neutral. If you can insert the key and turn it to position II and it unlatches the gear shift, try moving the gear shift back and forth in case the contacts are corroded.

There is a cut-off called the immobilizer. Here are other fuses associated with it:

Underhood Box
#54 (40A)
#46 (15A)

Drivers Under Dash
#1 and #6 (both 15A)

Passenger Under Dash
#13 (7.5A)

Aux Fuse Holder
#92 7.5A

Check battery cables at the battery and starter for corrosion. Clean if needed. If the starter was dry for the winter, wiring to it will probably be OK.

Good luck!
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