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I had a front end collision straight in front of drivers position going probably 30 mph as I hit the brakes hard. My beautiful 2016 MDX that I only had for 6 months (replacing my 15 yr old MDX).
We hit a jeep and it was a pretty hard hit - auto body estimate is $13k.
I cannot understand why the Drivers side air bag did not deploy - my seat belt held me in and other than sore neck I am very fortunate that no one is seriously hurt.
The passenger air bag deployed and kept my teenage son safe.

Now I have an insurance company, an auto body shop, and Acura themselves all telling me that for whatever reason the sensors detected the driver side air bag was not needed and so it didnt deploy. They want to just fix the car and go with no further inspection...... this seems like lunacy .... they are going to fix the car and expect me to drive it not knowing if the air bag will deploy on a future accident.

How would I find my own mechanic investigator to tell me why it didnt deploy?

We are a 2 acura and 2 honda family and Acura has abandoned me.

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