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Ahhhh....... My own 2002 MDX

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After waiting for more than two months, finally got my new "WHITE" MDX. It looks great. I don't mind getting stuck in the traffic here at Silicon Valley anymore. And, I didn't pay the dealer markup that I thought I had to here in Sunnyvale Acura. The dealer was not that good. I don't recommend this dealer at all.
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Congratulations! whitemdx.

What are they selling for? is it MSRP?

They tried to get me with the hugh option package around 4K on top of MSRP. I told them that I could get the same car at MSRP from other dealership and they gave it to me at MSRP. I'm happy with the deal since 02 white MDX is still in high demand.

Congratulations!!! It's nice to see that Sunnyvale Acura is now dealing at MSRP. I saw a couple of white ones over the weekend at Sunnyvale Acura, one should have been yours. They do look sharp after cleaning.

Actually, my MDX wasn't supposed to be delivered until the end of this month. This one was cancelled. Lucky me.
The dealer called me at 2:00 P.M. last Sunday for me to come over and buy it. When I got there, the dealer "Arthur Ho" didn't know for sure if I can buy this one or not. He told me that the person who cancelled it actually has not decided it yet. Then, he told me that by law, they couldn't sell it until the end of the day. So I went back home. Two hours later, I got a phone call again. Now, they decided to sell the car to me.
After I got there for the second time, the dealer pretty much did the speed talking and dumped me to the finance guy before I had the chance to deal with him. I came back out and finally got the price down to the MSRP. I even got the cargo net for free.

Well GCK, good luck with you and enjoy your MDX once you get it. Let me know how was your experience.
Congratulations on you new white MDX. I am very glad to see more and more dealers in Bay Area are not asking for more than MSRP or ask customers to buy forced options.
whitemdx, congratulations on your new MDX.

I sure would be interested in that, I can't sell it to you until sundown law your salesperson Walter Ho, quoted you. I haven't heard that one yet.

Incidentally, I am dealing with Arthur too :) I do agree with you that he's not the best of the breed. However, MDXs are controlled by the management and sales persons hardly have any say. What I am surprised is that they sold it at MSRP. They quoted me $2K + MSRP when I put my deposit down. I guess they changed their rules now.

Roger: Should the sundown rule apply, you can always sell your cars ... isn't it down most of the time in Portland? :)
Congrats whitemdx,
I haven't seen a white MDX on the road yet. If I see one in the near future, it just might be you.

I stayed away from Sunnyvale Acura. I just didn't get a good feeling about dealing with them. Ended up with my previous dealer, Los Gatos Acura (bought my TL there). Was happy to get out with MSRP, no forced options (actually got a discount on accessories). Plus their Service Dept. is top-notch.

Enjoy the 'X

I got the same story two months ago when I put my deposit down as well. They said 2K + MSRP or the 3.8K + MSRP Accessory option package. They told me that there is no negotiation for the MDX. But I think they are now willing to sell it at MSRP. Even at MSRP, they still making tons of money.
I basically told them that I have another deposit down at other dealer where they don't have any dealer markup. I think they took it seriously and got the price down to MSRP right away.
The sales manager at the time was Michell. Perhaps you can pull the same deal or even better. :)
They will try to dump you to the finance department in hurry thinking that you have already agreed to the price at the time that you put down the deposit.

Man, it's nice to see so many happy campers out there!!!!
whitemdx said:
I basically told them that I have another deposit down at other dealer where they don't have any dealer markup. I think they took it seriously and got the price down to MSRP right away.
That is exactly what I did. I secured a MSRP no option deal with a dealer one and half hours away. Then I talk to dealer nearby. If they accept, I got a deal with dealer near by. If not, I still have a car at reasonable pric. Since I got a build date already, I started cancel some of my deposit. May be one of you will get my reservation. :D
I can not believe how fast the prices are falling in the Bay area. As a matter of fact, thru out CA. Most folks wouldn't talk to you when you mentioned about MDX. Now they are calling and pleading ... :)

I got a call from one S. Cal dealer yesterday that he has the car I ordered. RR 188. Not sure if I should wait till end of the year to get it in Bay Area, or just go get it from S. Cal over the thanks giving.
Hey, good dealing White, it's great that you held your ground. Ain't it great to be out of the showroom and in your car! Congrats!
Thanks ghost. I hope to see more and more people not having to pay the premiums that these bastards are charging still. It sure looks like other people are starting to paying just the MSRP. Good sign.

GCK, looks like you got a difficult decision to make. If SoCal dealer is willing to give you a good price, it might be worth it to buy it from them instead of waiting another month. Boy, I can't imagine how difficult it will be to wait another month...
Who knows, you might get lucky like me that someone will cancel their order and get one sooner than you think. That's what happend to me.
My guess is that there may be a whole bunch of people who put down the deposit in multiple dealerships to get the 02 models. These people will start to cancel their other deposites and I think the most of the waiting will be sooner than what people might think.
So hang on, you're almost there.
WhiteMDX: The price of MDX at both places is MSRP. Regarding getting lucky, the next Red one coming is mine at Sunnyvale Acura.... so, can't get any lucky here.

In that case, it should be an easy decision for you. Can you imagine looking at other MDX drivers with a huge :D on their faces on the street for more that a month and knowing that you could be driving one already?

Cool! Got to think about it. Surprisingly, I got calls from 5 of the 7 folks I put a deposit on in the last 2 days. Greatnews for folks waiting for these cars.
I also put down deposit with Sunnyvale Acura. I was told the
next shipment for the color I want (white) will be around 12/15,
and probably I'll need to wait for the next after that.

Can hardly wait .... :)

When did you put down the deposit? Did they still ask you for the 2K markup or the option package? I hope you don't end up paying anything above MSRP. By the time you get your MDX, hopefully the dealer realize that the good days of dealer markup is over.

Let us know your experience when you get your.
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