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Well, I think I've found a simple replacement subwoofer for the MDX in the factory location.

To make a short story long, I've done the door speaker upgrade and now I still find that it's lacking in bass... (mid-bass seems to be adequate with the Infinity's I installed). Since then, I've been trying to find a simple solution of getting a new sub and improving the sound without having to learn how rewire the car.

The subwoofer I found that seems to be the simplest upgrade and make a seemingly noticable difference is the JVC CS-LD3250. On paper it looks great. It's 4 ohm but since the sensitivity is pretty high at 91, I think I'll be okay in getting by without an amp. *As I recall, a 3 dB difference produce about twice as much sound...

It's also a "free air" sub so here again, I should get by in the factory location instead of a "box"

Now the bad news: The depth clearance is 5". From what I know of other's who have changed their subwoofer in the factory location, the deepest was the Kicker 10" 01C104 which has a clearance of 4 11/16". Also, if I remember right, someone tried to install a Kicker VR series woofer that had a 5" depth and couldn't do it. For those of you who have installed the Pioneer TS-W28C, do you know what the clearance on that was?

Here is where I need help from you Car Audio Experts:
Is there a way to increase the depth clearance on the woofer? I would think that there would be some type of wood or rubber spacer/bracket that could increase clearance +1/4"

Thanks in advance.
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