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Aftermarket stereo head unit

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Does anyone know if Metra or some other company makes a dash kit for replacing the stock stereo head unit with an aftermarket? If so, where?

I was reading that there is a universal wiring harness for the Acura's and Honda's from Metra, but I need the cage.

See the following link:
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Unfortunately, there is not a kit and none of the kit makers have the MDX on their R&D to do list. The Acura line is low production and sold to, generally speaking, conservative folks who leave the factory audio alone. This was the justification I got from the engineers at all the kit companies when I researced this in late last year.

The good news is a Din unit will install fine using the existing hardware you just need to drill a few holes if you want to center it. If you had 2 din units that would fit even better.

The bad news, you have to have a custom trim plate made.
We used wood to get the fit, bondo to harden it and special automotive dyes to make mine.
If can be done but is expensive and time consuming. The MDX dash, where the stereo is installed is slightly "convex". This make things more interesting as you might magine.
My suggestion is find a good local custom car audio shop and have them make the kit.
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