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I'm going to upgrade my non-nav touring Bose head unit (radio/casette/CD ) and have two questions.

1. Where do you buy a standard DIN faceplate to fit in the dash panel when the Bose comes out?

2. How hard is it to use the new receiver with power amps with the existing speakers? Are the factory speakers self powered etc?

3. Are there any tricks about the anti-theft system when the old unti comes out and the new one goes in?

4. Anyone want a one year old Bose head unit in a month?

5. I'm putting in the new Sirius (like XM) radio system receiver. Any experience with it or XM installations I should know?

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1. No one makes a face plate. You have to make your own or have a quality custom stereo place make you one. Not cheap.
The Acura is low production vehile and when I contacted the manufacturers (Metra and the like) they said no plans at all for a kit for the MDX. Sorry.

2. Usually Bose speakers are either self powered or a 2 ohm load . Why keep that cheap crap in there? Get some good speakers that please your ears. It will be worth it.

3.Anti-theft shouldn't have any effect on the install but I can look at the schematics if you need me to in the electrical troubleshooting manual. My MDX is a non Bose and I looked carefully ant the schematics before we started tearing her apart. Since you have no nav you should be fine.

5. I have XM so I can't help you with Cirius. All I can add is be careful. XM has a strong hold on the market already and is financed by Ford and Honda (just my opinion here plus I hate Kenwood gear with a passion). Other than that, whomever does you install or sells you your gear can tell you about where you need to mount the satellite Ant. and other Cirius specifc stuff.

Good luck, enjoy your new sounds and post some photos and reviews when you get it completed.
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