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Advice needed! ML320 v. MDX

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I'm looking to replace a '99 Jeep GC. I've boiled my choices down to the ML320 ('01 or '02 model) or the MDX. I've read a bunch of the threads on the topic, but none of the posts seem to address my concerns directly -- I'm hoping someone here can help. Some questions:

- handling on ice and snow is very important to me. Thoughts on comparisons of the 4WD systems?

- I tested the '01 MDX and couldn't find a comfortable place for my left foot. have they fixed that yet? I imagined my foot getting very tired on a 4+ hour ride to Tahoe...

- Also, the wind noise in the MDX was disturbing. Fixed in '02?

- how is the quality? I think highly of Acura -- is the MDX up to their standards?

- be honest: how does this handle in the snow?

- handling on the ML seemed a little better. I'm aware of the quality issues in the ML, but what do people think from a pure driver's standpoint?

Anything else people think I should know?

Many thanks in advance for any advice....
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See the 2/4/02 Wall Street Journal

Mercedes Benz has the dubious "honor" of having the quality of their motorcars evaluated in the WSJ and to be found wanting! Or lets put it another way - the quality is not there!!!

Dateline Frankfurt - the articles first paragraph reads as follows:

"Mercedes-Benz, famed for its engineering prowess, is suddenly facing tough questions about the quality of its cars, with several surveys showing that the stately German brand may now trail some decidely down-market competition."

It is a very damaging article to M-B reputation.

PS - The M-Class was the WSJ's choice of an accompanying photo:eek:
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