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Advice needed! ML320 v. MDX

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I'm looking to replace a '99 Jeep GC. I've boiled my choices down to the ML320 ('01 or '02 model) or the MDX. I've read a bunch of the threads on the topic, but none of the posts seem to address my concerns directly -- I'm hoping someone here can help. Some questions:

- handling on ice and snow is very important to me. Thoughts on comparisons of the 4WD systems?

- I tested the '01 MDX and couldn't find a comfortable place for my left foot. have they fixed that yet? I imagined my foot getting very tired on a 4+ hour ride to Tahoe...

- Also, the wind noise in the MDX was disturbing. Fixed in '02?

- how is the quality? I think highly of Acura -- is the MDX up to their standards?

- be honest: how does this handle in the snow?

- handling on the ML seemed a little better. I'm aware of the quality issues in the ML, but what do people think from a pure driver's standpoint?

Anything else people think I should know?

Many thanks in advance for any advice....
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Hmm. You guys make me wonder. I've been on two five hours drives in my MDX and my left foot sits comfortably to the left of the brake... I'm 6 foot with a size 10 EEEE foot. (yes, flat footed)

I have the 2002 and I have not noticed any wind noise problems, thuds or knocks or weeping mirrors. It does ride bumpier than my 2wd 2001 volvo v70, but I expect it to. It is a larger, higher, awd vehicle. It's still smooth enough that at times on the turnpike I hit 100 mph and don't realize it. MUCH MUCH better than my 1997 2wd Nissan Pathfinder. I guess it is what you are used to.

Only gripe is around town (13 mile each way to work - highway/city mix) I only get 14-16 mpg... On a straight highway 300 mile cruise control set drive I got 20 mpg. On par with my old underpowered 2wd pathfinder.

Good luck. I choose MDX because the price fit the features I wanted and the way it drove for me. (rx300 was too small) and I liked the dealership. For serious off-roading a 1979 Chevy K20 4WD on 42" tires with 9" of lift does the trick.
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