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yoitsme said:
All -
Many thanks for the helpful input. I noticed that no one else seems to comment on the left footrest issue. has this been fixed in the MDX, or am I the only one bothered by this? I recognize that this may seem like a small problem, but doesn't it bother folks on anything other than a commute-length drive?
yoitsme- I agree about the left foot discomfort and several people have commented on it on this site. I'm 6'3" with some big, floppy size 11.5 feet. I'm always moving that foot around to find a comfortable spot. I think it's a real weakness, and I have a 2002, by the way. The only "fix" I can see is a redesign of the footwell.
My other big gripe about the MDX is the stereo system, and I have the touring. That said, I love my new ride and would't trade it for a MB.
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