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Advice Installing DVD player and 5" inch monitor, Please!

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Sorry for the blatant request for free advice, but I've noticed there are some really knowledgable people on this forum that can surely give some helpful advice. Over the weekend I purchased a Blaupankt Mobile DVD player (alos plays MP3's) and a 5" screen. (I will attach pictures below). Now I'm trying to decide the best place to install the two items. I would have liked to install the DVD player in the center console but it is a little too big, the top won't close. So I'm thinking under a seat or in the back. Additionally, I bought an RF modulator just in case I can't connect the Blaupankt unit directly to the radio. I have a base MDX (Non-Nav and Non Touring). Specifically, I would appreciate your advice on placement of theDVD player and Screen, and any advice on the best method of routing the wires to the appropriate places. Thanks a lot for anyone willing to help. PS I got both items for 300.00 at Fry's Electronics.
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Here's a pic of the front of the DVD player


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Here's a pic of the back


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Here's the screen. I actually got a mobile authority, but it has the same connections as this one.


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I have the Blaupunkt


I have the Blaupunkt DVD player installed in my MDX. I have a base with navigation. Without the navigation you have plenty of space under both seats. I would recommend placing it under the drivers seat so the tray opens forward.

I have the 6 disk changer under my drivers seat and the nav unit under the front passenger seat. I placed the Blaupunkt unit on top of the nav unit so it opens backwards. This actually works good for me since I can open the unit and just reach behind my drivers seat and change discs.

I mounted the remote eye for my Blaupunkt unit on the right side of the steering wheel. This way I can control th esystem fully from the driver's seat. The best thing is the remote has a button to open and close the tray.

I have the overhead monitor installed and even put a small 2.5: monitor in the front under the coin tray. This helps me see the DVD menus so I can change seens on my daughter's Barney CDs (thank god for the wireless headphones).

Yu will definitely need the RF modulator to get the sound t come through the base sound system. Pretty easy install.

If you are installing yourself I recommend downloading the instructions to install the CD changer from Tim's website since it will show you how to easily remove the radio to access the rear of the unit.

Best of luck and let me know if I can help you out.
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Hi, and thanks for the info and advice, I too will be using the DVD mainly for my son who is into Barney and Scooby Doo. Are you happy with the unit? How do the MP3's sound through RF modulator. Also where exactly did you mount the Remote eye, right on the steering wheel or on the dash right next to the steering wheel? If you have some pics It would be cool to see them, and thanks for the excellent suggestion to download the cd changer instructions, that will give a good start. Thanks again.:)
i am highly considering this too now.. Mushman - can you post a few pictures please???
I will post some pics in a day or so. I have a cheap digital camera with no flash and by the time I get home from work it is dark. I will try and do it during lunch today.

I am very hapy with the Blaupunkt system. It does not skip at all and plays anything I can put in it.

On the right side of the steering wheel, there is a small space between the panel and the radio console. I basically squeezed the wire through there when I had the console removed. It is a nice fit and perfect place for the driver to control the DVD player. It kind of stands out on the saddle interior, but only the driver can really see it. I am actually considering painting it a saddle color. That would just be me being a perfectionist.

I have a 2.5" monitor installed under the coin tray. It is loose and I can just shove it under when I am not using it. But it is also the perfect size that I can wedge it under the coin tray so it does not move at all. This was an old citizen monitor I had for an old camcorder. Since my new camcorder has a built in screen, I did not need it anymore. I originally split the video out from the DVD player to the overhead console and the little monitor in front. Then I realized the overhead console has a video out and I conencted the little monitor to that. This allows me to view any source I have on the little monitor. I plan on installing a playstation soon.

I iwll get pics soon.
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Thanks for the info,
I think the small screen under the coin holder is a great idea, at the risk of asking too many question, after taking out the screen from the camcorder what modifications did you have to make to the screen to add RCA jacks? Also, I'm assuming you had to remove the headliner for the wiring of the overhead monitor, how was that process? I have more questions but I'll save them for later or better yet learn by diving in and getting my feet wet. I am looking forward to your pictures. Eventually I'll post pics of my install process if it turns out ok. Thanks.

First of all, please ask as many questions as you wish. The wiring ran pretty easily between the doors on the right side. Of course that would be behind the panels and liners.

The screen I used in the front wasn't actually removed from a camcorder, my apologies for the confusion. Citizen makes an add-on screen for camcorders which do not come with one. You can get them on eBay for around $50. Nobody really needs them now since most camcorders come with a built-in screen. The screen has a built-in video jack. I believe it also had an audio jack but I did not connect it since sound from that little speaker would have been "crap". If you ar einterested in that monitor, I could get you the model number when I go home. It is actually pretty good to watch a movie on for the front seat passenger. And it was a lot cheaper than converting the nav screen. Plus, I wouldn't want to watch a movie while driving. But it is great for navigating DVD menus. The monitor also has an ON/OFF switch on top and brightness controls so you can view it perfectly in direct sunlight.

Good luck.
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Hey Mushman,
My bad, your post was clear about the fact you had a separate screen that you had bought for the older camcorder, and yes I would definitely like that part/model number when you get a chance. One more quick question, I looked at the instructions for taking off the trim around the radio and trip screen, it says to use a screwdriver wrapped in a shop towel. Was that method the one you used. I just pry it off with the screw driver? Anyways thanks again, I hope to have some time this weekend to tackle my install project. Later:cool:
Use any screwdriver you have but just be careful. You wouldn't want to scratch up this beautiful vehicle. I actually used a fine tip screwdriver. It worked out pretty good. DO not use a jeweler's screwdriver since it would probaby bend.

I will try and get some pics today.

Hi again Mushman,

In case I have a little time tonight I might try and install the DVD unit, soo my question is: how did you get power to the player? did you tap into the radio power line, or did you go to another power source? Thanks.
I tapped right in to the radio line which seemed to be no problem whatsoever. The DVD player does not require a lot of juice.

Cool, it shouldn't take too long just for the player then, thanks again.
Hello to Mushman and everyone else out there. I was able to install the DVD player under the driver's seat and the monitor I have installed unattached so I can use the screen in the fromt with me to navigate MP3 cd's (since they can store over 200 songs) and then I can place the screen in the back with my two children when they are with me. Everything went smooth for the most part. The most difficult part was getting the plastic wood trim off of the center dash. I wish there could be a better way to get it off then with a screwdriver because that part of the dash and trim is so easy to scratch. Anyways I tapped into the radio power line that is labeled as b+ for the power for the dvd, rf modulator, and monitor. I tapped into the wire labeled as main ground for the ground of all 3 components as well. so now the problem I am having is that the RF modulator stays on even when I turn off the DVD player so my radio reception is kinda screwed now. I noticed that I can turn on the DVD player even without the key in the ignition so that tells me I probably tapped into the wrong power line from the radio. So if anyone knows which line I should tap into for the DVD player and rf modulator I would greatly appreciate that information.
By the way the DVD player only has two connections -red and black, and the RF modulator also has only two connections Red and Black. Thanks:)
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You don't need a screwdriver to remove the center panel. When I installed my Panavise phone holder, I did so in a way to avoid scratching the dash. It takes a bit longer, but mitigates the risk. You need a flashlight and stubby Philips screwdriver (or philips bit and ratchet).

You should check out my Panavise post, and mjaime's follow up, by clicking here.

Here are some additional tips:

(files removed). These will be available for a limited time, so if you're reading this, say, a week from now, send me an email instead.

Next, read these comments once you've got the diagrams:
  • While the car is parked and off, put the gear selector in Drive/3/2/1 to make room near the coin holder
  • Under the coin holder, in the open area, there is a trim plate (p1). Feel around on the upper portion with your fingers for a gap. Pull straight down from the top, then straight out.
  • The center panel lower trim (p2) has a lot of screws. The 4 you need to remove are BLACK (3 along the front, and 1 in the back, in the middle). You need a stubby or 90-degree screwdriver as there isn't a lot of clearance; I used a ratchet w/phillips bit.
  • You don't need to disconnect any wires from the lighter; you can leave the trim piece resting on the gearshift area.
  • Once those pieces are out, you can feel 3 tabs along the bottom (p3). Above the tabs are the clips, which are VERY easy to push out with a finger (one at a time). Do NOT bend the tabs . The bottom part of the faceplate will pop out. You can then work from the front to PULL the faceplate away.

Happy hacking!
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The worm,
Cool info worm, thaks a lot, know I can sleep comfortable knowing I won't have to perform surgery on my baby again. That method you provided makes so much more sense and well worth the time. Luckily I was very patient this afternoon and did not do any damage, but it was stressful as hell. Thanks for taking the time to help:) Now i just need to figure out the right wires to tap.
Oh yeah, as helpful as it is that Tim has instructions on his website for the accossories, I think it would be best if he could edit out the suggested way of removing the center trim and reploacing it with the one you just gave.
RF Modulator

I installed a toggle switch for the RF modulator to turn it on and off. A small switch which is mounted behind the ccenter console ont he drivers side so I can reach it very easily. Basically put it on the power line.

Worm - thanks for the excellent info. Wish there were a way to archive osme of these important threads with tips and tricks.

Thanks Mushman,
I will call a stereo shop and ask if the RF should shut itself off, if not your solutions sounds good. Thanks again:)
PS. Hey Mush, I noticed you are going to sell your base rims, does that mean you're getting some customs? I f you do please let us know hwat kind and hopefully some pics.
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