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Do additives help in getting better mileage? Thanks :)
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Synthetic oil will get you a few percent. Additives generally are worthless in that regard.

Macky said:
Do additives help in getting better mileage? Thanks :)
Thanks mogur. The reason I asked was that somebody's been selling me this FUEL COMBUSTION IMPROVER/CONDITIONER. He told me that we could start a business and export this product to the Philippines.

He said that the manufacturer claims the hydrocarbons chains in the fuel (diesel or gasoline) get "fractured" as it flows past the device. This conditions the fuel molecules to bond better with oxygen during the combustion process. Better combustion gives more power, lesser emissions, better mileage and what have you. Once the fuel flow stops, the fuel molecules return to their original state after a few hours (as analyzed thru an electron microscope).

In the same way that passing a coil of copper wires affects copper electrons to flow and generate electricity when the wires "cut" thru magnetic lines of force in a magnet, an analogous effect on hydrocarbon chains in fuel molecules may hold true during fuel flow.

He said that I can take the manufacturer's word for it and order the product from him for export. He added that he got the test product info and literature and that I can also wait for the results of his own trials.

He's conducting a personal "before and after" trials using the following engines as my test platforms: a Ford Expedition and Isuzu Trooper.

He claims that the product can improve mileage by 27%??!!

Would this be effective on modern engines?
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