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I know that many on this site have no interest in modifying their Acura’s. But for those who may, and need to find a location to add additional relays in the engine bay, I thought I would share what I came up with. Hope it may help someone else down the road.

I have a number of items needing to be powered. LED driving lights (two sets), safety strobe lights, backup alarm, and additional backup lights. All of these require additional relays.

I decided to run the wires along the front of the engine bay, just behind the top of the radiator, over to the passenger side fender, and then into a large open area under the cowl at the top of the engine bay. This is also where the wiper motor and wiper hardware is located (although that’s only on the drivers side) and the cabin air intake is located in this same location.

I also wanted to make sure that any wiring didn’t interfere with removal of the cowling, should anyone need to gain access to those areas. Here is the finished product.

Relays and fuses are mounted on a plastic strip, going from the center support over to the rear side of the shock tower.

There are already two holes in the center support, so no new holes were required. Wing nuts were used for easy removal.

Wiring runs across inside two universal rubber boots ordered off Amazon. Daystar KU20040BK Black Universal...

Holes to fit the boots were made in the fender cowl and the top cowl and the boots make a clean install that also serves to still isolate the engine bay from the cabin air intake.

A more close up view

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