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I hope Honda/Acura pays attention to these sorts of forums, because in this 05 MDX owner's opinion is that the 2014 MDX is a catastrophic disappointment from what I was hoping for (ie, something worth getting excited about so I could finally trade up).

All of the magazine reviews online are already equally critical, with saying that it looks like the old model but melted 10%.

I completely agree with the recent Consumer Reports editorials that the entire Honda company has lost its way, and they have become the new Toyota of boring vanilla design that offends nor excites nobody. CR feels that Kia/Hyuandai has become what Honda used to be, and anyone comparing their new designs to Honda's would agree.

Compare this to 15 years ago when Acuras were awesome, Honda cars were cool, and Honda motorcycles were amazing. Now they're all average.

I know other things go into a car purchase than just looks, such as utility and reliability, but wow...the vehicles MUST look exciting, and this new MDX does nothing for me (and seemingly others) at all. You know what it looks like to me? An upscale Toyota Highlander. Congratulations, Acura, you have modeled the new MDX after the most boring looking SUV ever made.

Sorry Acura, but this new re-design was a big swing-and-a-miss, just like your 2012 Civic. Hopefully you can fix it for next model year, but if not I'm going elsewhere.
Well, you can't go by pictures alone. It looks like the MDX in those pictures does not have any dealer options like side steps or a roof rack. There are also many color options to choose from with different wheel combinations which makes the MDX really pop :D You also have to drive one and get the feel for it. It's a great car :29:
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