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AcuraMDX Stainless License Plates: GroupBuy?

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I talked to a shop in near hear that makes custom stainless steel license plates. We can get the plates made with the club logo if we want to. The cost for 100 engraved frames is about $16 each (before arm twisting).

The frames are 304 stainless steel, *very* nicely polished. Each frame weighs about 1/2 pound. They even have some polished stainless cap screws to finish off the job.

Check the site out at

Watch out for the toothed grill inserts, yes they do make one for the MDX...


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Oh yeah! I can see the Wascally Wabbit toothed grill insert on my X now!:D

The frames look OK, but don't seem to come with a Lexan cover with rubber seal like the one that I have. I kinda like keeping the water and dirt off my plate.
License plate frame


Their website lists the gold finish frames for an extra 2 bucks. Do you know if we can get that frame and pay the difference? For 18 bucks, count me in for a gold one, and I'll order the gold setscrews for an extra $3

Great suggestion for a group buy! has licence plate frames for about $25 each. You can check them out.
dbarry Can you post a picture of the plate ?
Here is a picture of it bare:

Here is a picture of some sample plates:

Here is the picture of the stainless screws:

I think there was another place some people got them and it included the screws, I couldn't find it in the search maybe someone else will remember...

Maybe this something Tim could carry??? HINT,HINT,HINT...
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Could I? Yes, but right now you guys are keeping me busy enough with the group buys and specials. We shipped over $12,000 in parts on Monday and Tuesday :eek:
count me in

A custom frame would look good on my front end. Count me in and keep twisting that arm.
Count me in for a gold plate. It would be great to have AcuraMDX.Org imprinted....

I ordered a pair of the plain stainless plates to check them out. They arrived in perfect condition.

I had an AcuraMdx.Org sticker, so I threw it on the rear plate just to get an idea...

I took a pix, sorry for the bad colors.. black MDX with very shiny plates is giving my digital camera fits. But I think the lettering in Black would be very cool. If "we" could get our hands on the file for the stickers, they said they would burn one for all to see.


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I found the site where some others have bought theirs at it is hard chromed for $21.95:

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Count me in for silver...
I'm the guy some of you have been emailing and calling at AutoExpressions. If you send me one of those stickers, I'll scan it and be done with it.

Enough talk! Time to act!

Tell you what, if you guys can scrape together just 50 frame orders, I'll give you the price for 100.

Get me the sticker, I'll make one and post a picture of it. Based on the number of orders I get with "AcuraMDX" in the comments box within say, the next 30 days, I'll credit your cards the discount amout at the end of the promo.

Only two guys actually order, the price is 36 apiece.
50 guys order, and you're talking $16 apiece. S'up to you to get the deal!
Sounds good skrag, count me in for one with the etched in.

I'm betting you could get the original digital file of the image, which would beat scanning a sticker - I'll see if I can backtrack on the site to see where it came from.
Count me in...

Count me in.. for $16 I might buy 2 silvers.

Come on guys show your colors...

How would one look on the front???
Re: Count me in...

Sandman said:
Count me in.. for $16 I might buy 2 silvers.

Come on guys show your colors...

How would one look on the front???
Probably great, but no one ever sees the front of my X!! :D:D:D
Count me In too!!!

How many do we have so far? Anybody keeping COUNT? Have we reached 50 pieces yet?
Put another notch in the belt. I'm in for a silver.
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