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Acura Ski Rack

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Is anyone selling an Acura Ski Rack for $50? I saw this for sale on this website but now I can't find it. Please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks.
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"You can mount Thule 725 with its existing hardware+4 washers. Just slide the bolt to the center channel of the
factory rack."

Mikey- Exactly right!

Why folks are insisting on clamps is a mystery to me.

I assume everyone knows that Thule makes the Acura rack.

The Thule 726 is a 6 pr at $89 from REI last I checked. (Plus using the bolts like mikey mentioned will prevent someone from unbolting the clamps and taking you skis.)

Do a search- plenty of old posts and even some pics of mounting hardware.

BUT, don't ask the manufacturers- they are (still) clueless...

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I believe it it the "user cp" button on the top of the page. Then 'edit profile' or something like that. (CP is control panel?)

If the Mohn will mount on a vertical threaded bolt, the integrated channel in the factory rack is designed for a bolt. Report back what solution you use so others can have a few more choices.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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