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Acura Show

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November 23-25 Long Island Custom Car Show
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Tickets: $11.25 Adults - children under 12 free
Show Hours: Friday 11/23 6pm-11pm
Saturday 11/24 12pm-11pm
Sunday 11/25 12pm-7pm

How's this for a meet date? Say Saturday afternoon? We can have a meet in the parking lot and go inside to browse the show afterwards. Let me know who's interested.
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Wish I could come.

I'm not picking up my X until 11-27.

Have fun.
Chris Soto

You don't have to own an Acura or drive an Acura to the show to go. My MDX is tied up in Louisiana right now, but I'm still going. I'll try to take some pictures at the show and post it them for everyone.
Worst Car Show Ever

If you enjoy looking at mostly garbage cars, and a couple of classics, then this is the show for you. I went yesterday and it was horrible. Majority of the cars at the show I'd be embarrassed to ride in but there were a couple of nice, antique, classics (i.e. modified camaros, herbie, woody,etc.) One camaro from the 60's was modified real well and was claimed to be a tad under 1000hp, looked like a boat engine! There was only one acura at the show. It was a tacky integra but it had a really good electronic setup. There was one BMW M3, but it was a POS. I was misinformed about this show, and advise no one to go unless they are a true fan of the classics.:(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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