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Acura of Porland, Portland, Oregon.

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It's amazing how we are all so in tune with our MDX, and we are seriously looking for the right dealer relationships, for both Sales and Service. Some of the Salespeople who frequent our site, understand the power we have just by sharing our experiences. I'd like to give it another try.

I will be picking up my SS MDX Touring on Valentines Day from Acura of Portland. I have been dealing with Roger Womack, a frequent poster to our site. I believe I am the person who turned him on the site, and he has been adding some great commentary to our questions.

I think we need to let Acura of Porland Managment understand the power that we, the consumer have, and how we can be their best advertisement, if they treat us fair.

If you have had any experiences with Acura of Portland, please post them. For those of you who have either purchased from them, or are in queue, please let us know whether the site helped introduce you to the dealership. Was it information that site members provided that turned you on to Acura of Portland. Most of all, I'd like to know how many of us are driving cars from Acura of Portland, and of those what percentage credit the site for choosing Acura of Portland.

Once again, I like you all, am just looking to be treated fairly, and here is an opportunity for us to be heard.

Most important information of the post... As of this time tomorrow, there will be a beautiful Silver MDX in my driveway.

The Best Valentines Day gift I ever gave my wife!

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