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I don't know if there are people here that are crazy to swap out Polished Stainless Steel Maniks for the new Chrome Acura ones, but I am...

I got my new Chrome Acura steps last week and finally opened the box last night to see what is required to install. I downloaded the instructions from HONDACURAWORLD.COM.

The construction seems to be pretty good. The actual step area is also larger than the Maniks. The Chrome tubes are actually flattend into an oval shape to provide a larger step area compared to the round Manik tubes. Each step is mounted to the truck using three brackets and the brackets are all coated in a plastic finish to prevent corrosion. Looks like it should not "BOUNCE" or "FLEX" as much as the Polished Maniks that I have on the truck now.

- Stainless Steel! It will never RUST! The finish should never come off.
- over 100 dollars cheaper then ACURA chrome steps
- Easier to install(Less bolts)
- Lower step for the vertically challenged
- matches Manik Front Brush Guard

- Mounts only in two of the three factory locations
- Smaller step area(Round tube)
- Always looking down at the step pad checking to see if it's Cracked
- Step is mounted lower
1. Collecting more ice and snow shot up by front tires. Too dangerous to use(Multiple complaints from passengers about the ice)
2. Requires use of step to get in and out of car or you will drag your pants or long coat on step.(Not good in bad weather)
- wasted around $350 after deciding to go with the new Acura
Chrome Steps

Acura Chrome Steps
- Acura design
1. Larger Step area (Oval tube)
2. Utilize 3 mounting points for solid mount to MDX
- Looks nicer
- Free shipping from tim :)

- More expensive
- Chrome plated aluminum not Stainless steel

I will update once I install them. I'm waiting for the weather to get better(New England Winter). I need to wash the truck and the existing steps before I install the new ones on. Depending on this annoying weather, this could be a while.

Anybody want the Maniks? The first 200 bucks + shipping can have them otherwise they're going up on Ebay when they come off the truck!
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