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Acura MDX Subwoofer made by MTX Audio

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I have an idea for a powered subwoofer for the MDX.

MTX Audio is known for making Sub-woofers.

MTX makes powered subwoofers for many vehicles but NOT for the MDX. You can see what they make here:

After browsing their site I decided to make a SUGGESTION to them about making a powered subwoofer for the MDX. I realize that it probably won't happen overnight, but maybe someday.

I think it would help MTX in their decision process if they received more requests like the one I sent them. So I guess what I'm saying is, if you'd like to see it happen too, send in a similar request to MTX or you can copy and paste my request below:

To MTX Marketing:

The Acura MDX SUV is one of the BEST selling SUV's on the market ever since its introduction in 2001. The MDX continues to be selling like hotcakes and Acura Dealers are still experiencing order backlogs.

The Acura MDX has an adequate Acura as well as a Bose Sound System both with SUBWOOFERS but OEM speaker replacement activity is always present in all vehicles.

MTX makes powered subwoofers for many vehicles that are NOT as good sellers as the Acura MDX.

I would like to request that MTX consider making a powered subwoofer retrofit for the Acura MDX that would fit in the existing factory location.


(I signed it with my e-mail address)

You can send your rest to MTX from the Contact MTX located on the bottom of their web pages or from this link:

Thanks for your support.


P.S. In the mean time, I guess I'm stuck with present solutions.
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Happy with my MTX

I have a MTX 12" in a custom enclosure and I highly recomend this brand. The magnet is way too big to fit in the factory location. If this sub were to be fitted in the factory spot somehow the car would rattle.
I wish you luck. THe MDX is still considered low production by most car audio manufacturers and most will not even bother to do anything as it is just not feasable to recover their R&D costs and still sell stuff designed for the MDX at a price people would be willing to pay. Hopefully with the introduction of the Honda version there will finally be enough volume to make a difference.

BTW I have a Boston Pro 10 in the factory location with a fiberglass box we built from scratch behind it and a JL 500/1 driving it and my MDX does not rattle at all. It sounds great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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