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Acura MDX for sale

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Avoid the dealer markup of $3,000 or more $ and the 6 month wait. A 2001 Acura MDX is for sale at Mahogany with beige leather interior. Brand New condition. Includes touring package, Bose system, full gold package, moon roof, and some extra options and Accessories. 20,000 highway miles. To learn more, go to ebay and check out item # 600748817 or click here
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Maybe I was lucky, but I am surprised at the reports of pricing over MSRP and forced options. We got our X on January 4th. We ordered it December 7th (Beige Tour/Nav) with a delivery date of December 26th. The difference in Dec 26th and Jan 4th was two delays, the first was the teamsters on holiday preventing our car from leaving the port and the second was a snow storm in Atlanta preventing us from picking it up (bought it in Florida).

I'm not trying to hype my dealer but I had a very good experience and am willing to share more details, salesmans name, etc. (Just send me a PM):)
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